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I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. For me, being cool means providing a safe and healthy environment; where my children can grow and thrive. Life has changed significantly since Covid and we are adjusting as best as we can. Today I would like to provide some resources that have helped us find a new normal.

Mental Health is my number one priority for both my children and myself. We are a meditating, tree hugging family who meditates throughout the day as needed. Some of our favorite tools are Breath Like A Bear and the Smiling Mind app. As an intuitive healer, I practice breath work everyday professionally. Max and Evah benefit greatly from this and both enjoy this healthy coping mechanism.

My children are visual learners. They respond best to seeing the results of their hard work. We recently began utilizing a Star Chart, which has significantly improved focus during live classes. This chart has helped motivate Max and Evah to have a great day everyday. If you don’t already have a reward system in place, I highly recommend this one. The chart is dry erase and the stars are magnetic which makes this resource reusable and sustainable for the environment.

I try to make learning fun everyday. We play a lot of games and are interactive as possible in between screen time. If the weather permits, I will take my kids on a nature walk or bike ride. Seeing a plethora of plants and animals have genuinely sparked their interest for outdoor activities. Even if it’s just a side walk race during lunch, I try to get them up and moving. We are taking the changes in strides and loving each other along the way.


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