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Schooling Life

If someone told me I would be homeschooling my kids indefinitely, this time last year; I would have laughed in their face. We are now in week five of

e-learning and I am still in disbelief. The first week was torture, but were are slowly finding a manageable groove. There has been many meltdowns, but there has been plenty of joyful moments as well.

My son Max is in the second grade and has been adjusting fairly easily. My daughter Evah, however is in kindergarten. Unfortunately, she had to begin her education at home. Although this is not her first school experience, our home is not exactly a learning environment. It has been very difficult to manage their emotions. They struggle a lot with staying focused and sitting still.

As much as I complain about homeschooling, this experience has taught me a lot. I have learned to practice more patience and compassion for my children. I have also became a more interactive, involved parent. There is an endless list of pros and cons. We have developed a weekly schedule and so far they are keeping up with the changes.

I have learned to manage my expectations, because they are just kids after all. We all get frustrated from time to time. This transition and change of lifestyle has not been easy for parents, teachers, or students. I am blessed to have the capability to stay home and ensure my kids’ safety a little longer.


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